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replenishment n : filling again by supplying what has been used up [syn: refilling, replacement, renewal]

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  1. The act of replenishing
  2. A new supply of something

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Replenishment is used in photographic film and paper processing, where fresh chemistry is used to replace exhausted chemistry in a continuous or per-batch fashion. Replenishment rates are calculated by the quantity of film processed in each individual bath; and additionally in Process E6 by the amount of film push-processed; and by film type in Process C41 (color negative) developing.

Process C41 and process C41-RA replenishing

C-41 color developer exhaustion volumes vary according to the ISO and contrast of the films. Please see Table 3-2 in chapter 3 of the Kodak Process C-41 Processing Manual Z-131 to see the different color developer exhaustion rates for the various Kodak color negative films.

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